What is Detox? Secret of beautiful skin and figure everyday

What is Detox? Recently, women have often circulated the secrets of beauty from Detox. Why are beauty method from Detox so popular and widely used? Is it really as good as those fancy commercials we often hear?

What is the Detox method?

Among us, everyone must have heard about the health beauty and care method from Detox. However, are you sure you have correctly understood what the Detox definition is? Most people when saying about Detox think about losing weight. However, this is not a divine medicine to help you lose weight quickly. Because inherently fast weight loss methods are not good for health.

Secret beaty and heath from detox

What is the nature of Detox?

The essence of Detox is the process of purifying and eliminating toxins in order to remove excess fat and harmful substances in the body. Thanks to that we can adjust the weight appropriately and take care of more comprehensive health. The Detox method is safe because it is completely natural from high-fiber vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C.

The unexpected effects of Detox

Because it is a safe natural method, Detox has many uses that surprise us. Using Detox properly not only helps your body be healthy, reduce excess fat effectively but also beautify your skin because it eliminates toxins. Our organs work more smoothly when toxic substances are pushed out. Each type of Detox with different methods of making and using will bring its own effect:

  • Detox cleanses the body and releases toxins;
  • Detox reduces excess fat, loses weight;
  • Detox beautifies the skin;
  • Detox takes care of your body and the comprehensive heath.

With the great use but not much time and money, “Detox” is the most popular and very attractive to you. Especially for office ladies who have a high level of work intensity, often sitting a lot but little exercise, this is a great choice.

uses of detox

Tired of lack of vitality when Detox goes the wrong way

Although there are many useful uses, Detox will also have serious consequences if you do not implement this method properly.

Many women are too eager to lose weight quickly, so they abused Detox and reduce most of their diets. This is a completely wrong direction. Because studies show that each person needs 2000 calories / day to be active and 1650 calories for people who want to lose weight. While most Detox drinks are made from fruits and vegetables. Which component only provides us with 735 calories/ day.

Therefore, just drinking Detox water and fasting to lose weight of many women cause feelings of fatigue and drowsiness. There are even cases of dizziness, nausea, lack of vitality, and even weight gain. You need to identify clearly what Detox is. It is not a MEDICINE for weight loss but a powerful way to support your weight loss. And importantly, eat science, limit junk food to Detox promote the most effective effect.

3 Detox recipes bring high efficiency

For comprehensive body care, Hikari EXIM will guide you 3 Detox recipes to bring purification, weight loss and beautiful skin.

1. Detox recipe cleanses the body


  • Water: 500ml
  • Apples: 1 fruit
  • Cinnamon: 3 bars
  • Cup / Bottle: 1


  • Step 1: Wash and cut apples, cut into the bottle.
  • Step 2: Add cinnamon.
  • Step 3: Pour water (warm 50-70 degrees).
  • Step 4: Soak for 1-2 hours to drink. In the refrigerator, it will be easier to drink.

2. Weight loss Detox recipe


  • Cucumber, orange, lemon: 1 fruit each
  • Mint leaves: 10 – 15 leaves
  • Filtered water: 1-2 liters
  • Ice
  • Cup/ Bottle


  • Step 1: Cucumber, orange, lemon, washed, sliced ​​into the bottle.
  • Step 2: Add 1-2 liters of water to soak, add mint leaves.

Soak for 1-2 hours to drink or leave the fridge to cool down during the day.

This Detox recipe helps burn excess fat very well, the best effect is achieved when combined with exercise and a reasonable diet.

3. Beauty Detox recipe


  • Mulberry / Strawberry
  • Lemon: 1 fruit
  • Mint leaf
  • Water: 500ml
  • Cup/ Bottle


  • Step 1: Washing strawberry, lemon, mint leaves
  • Step 2: Sliced ​​lemon, strawberry cut in half
  • Step 3: Put the materials in a 500ml of water.

Use after 1-2 hours of soaking or to leave the fridge to cool better.

You have to identify yourself needing Detox for what purpose to choose the most suitable recipe. That make your life happy and healthy every day.

4. Health and Beauty look with Detox Be Happy Tea

Detox Be Happy Tea

With wishing to bring beauty to the woman in the most comprehensive way, Detox Be Happy was born to carry out that mission. A beautiful woman not only because of her appearance but also needs her good health and spirit. Now, women can still to Detox properly without spending a lot of time searching for recipes and concoctions. Detox Be Happy with 30 sachets / box will help us to have a 30 day Detox course properly and safely.

With ingredients made entirely from dried fruits, Detox Be Happy is both benign and ensures to preserve up to 90% of the flavor in each fruit. Only with this recipe, you can get the effect equivalent to many different types of Detox:

  • Cleanses the body, releases toxins
  • Weight loss
  • Skin rejuvenation and skin firming cells
  • Mentally relax, reduce anxiety and depression

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