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Freshness from farm to table

Smith John
The fruits and vegetables at Hikari EXIM look and feel good outside, good quality, the customers at my supermarket are very satisfied.
Smith John Manager Supermarket
Karla Anderson
Vegetables, tubers, fruits that meet food hygiene and safety standards, VietGAP certificate, organic food ... are labeled with certification or specific information on the product packaging, I am assured.
Karla Anderson Director
Stephen Smith
Products offered are diverse, many types, thanks to Hikari EXIM we have been connected with many domestic and foreign partners.
Stephen Smith Happy Customer


Qualified medicinal herbs create credibility for Hikari EXIM

Hikari Viet Nam Import and Export Company Limited is one of the rare companies that boldly invests in a clean

What is organic food? Are they different from ordinary food?

What is organic food? Are they as good as rumored? These are the problems of many people who want to

Happy new year 2020 – Happy new year

Dear friends, the new year is approaching us and our loved ones. Hikari EXIM would like to send greetings to

Agriculture, food, medicine, cosmetics

Import and export, trade promotion, Logistic

100% Organic food

Vegetables and fruits are grown using natural fertilizers (organic fertilizers), pest control by traditional manual methods.

Medicinal herbs

Planting and supplying medicinal and medicinal products to ensure a clean and safe source of pharmaceutical materials to customers.

Export-Import industry

Export of agricultural products and foodstuffs; Import and distribution of consumer goods, food, cosmetics, functional foods;

Bridge for trade promotion

We are a bridge to promote, seek opportunities to buy and sell goods, provide services and support the business activities of enterprises more effectively.

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