Hikari EXIM exported food to Japan on April 19, 2020

Hikari EXIM exported food to Japan on April 19, 2020 – continuing the journey during the Covid-19 season. For many years, the country of cherry blossoms – Japan has always been Vietnam’s top Commercial and Economic partner. The cooperation between the two countries has made remarkable progress in many fields, especially agricultural and food.

Journey of Hikari EXIM to export food to Japan on April 19

The container at Hikari EXIM exported food to Japan on April 19, following a series of valuable journeys of the homeland to the promising land. In order to have the successful rolling of this shipment, not only Hikari EXIM and the members have to try day and night. Besides that, it also contains the enthusiasm of hardworking Vietnamese farmers.

The food container which was exported to Japan with these efforts, will take a multi-day trip to the land of the rising sun. Where some Vietnamese is living and dedicated.

Hikari EXIM exported to Japan

Exporting food to Japan is not easy

As a country famous for putting food hygiene and safety first, Japan always sets strict criteria for imported products compared to other countries. To be able to export food to Japan, each unit requires professionalism, quality products and especially keeping reputation.

Vietnam is a country with cooperative relations with Japan which has continuously developed during the past 45 years. Especially since 2009, when the two countries established a strategic partnership and 2014 raised the relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership.

Currently, Vietnam has impressive statistics when Japan is the third largest export market (after the US and China). It is also the third largest import market (after China and South Korea).

Not a flashy place, Hikari EXIM always quietly builds and dedicates, fulfilling the mission of creating value for the the country. Although the disease is raging, our team still works silently to help farmers improve their income day by day. And bring Vietnam’s agriculture and fresh food to the world.

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