Hikari EXIM exported food to Japan in the middle of the epidemic 04/2020

The morning of April 4, 2020, Hikari Exim exported food to Japan in the middle of the epidemic Covid-19 is raging. To become a bridge connecting okay between Vietnam agricultural production to with the people the Vietnamese are living and doing in foreign and local person. Hikari Exim with all the members are day and night do our best  to complete the mission.

Hikari EXIM exported successfully food to Japan in sensitive time

At the moment, all of the world is dealing to evil epidemic by Corona virus new species. Pandemic Covid-19 pneumonia came from Wuhan – a city in China. This formidable virus has claimed the lives of many people, seriously affecting the economies and cultures of global nations. Import and export activities are also seriously affected by border bans, block switches, travel restrictions, and scarce goods. In particular, food is a highly sought after industry “during the Covid-19 period.”

Therefore, for Hikari EXIM exported succcessfully food to Japan in the middle of the epidemic, the leadership and the entire staff had to make great efforts. This is also a part of the effort to help the children away from home and the native people of your country to overcome the crisis in the epidemic.

hikari exim and japan

Why did Hikari EXIM become a reliable partner to export food to Japan?

The Japanese market is home to quite a large source of imported food. This is an opportunity for many exporting businesses including Vietnam. But we all know that Japan is not an easy market and easy to penetrate. So how can Hikari EXIM export food to Japan and maintain this sustainable cooperation?

There are many Japanese businesses that are interested in Vietnamese food such as instant noodles, fish sauce, agricultural products, … Dried and processed seafood products appear in many supermarkets in Japan, due to the popularity of consumers here. According to international trade expert Makoto Nakamura, the factor that many consumers in Japan care about the most is “Food safety”.

Food safety is a leading factor in exporting food to Japan

A survey of food choices in Japan showed that food safety reasons accounted for 65%, delicious 15%, fresh 9%, healthy 5% and other causes 6%. In the view of Japanese consumers, safe products are products of good quality. In addition, healthy products such as functional foods, supplements, diet foods, … are also very interested in this market.

As such, Vietnam in general and Hikari EXIM in particular still have many opportunities to cooperate with Japanese businesses. Compared to China, Vietnamese products always put quality and safety first. Compared with other businesses, Hikari EXIM dominates in designing and improving product designs. Hikari EXIM products are always eye-catching, friendly and classy, ​​so it is easy to win the hearts of the Japanese market.

Hikari EXIM exported successfully food to Japan

In order for Hikari EXIM to “stand” the position of exporting food to Japan

Hikari EXIM increasingly must strictly manage product quality, improve every technical detail to maintain the cooperation in exporting food to Japan. Manufacturing process is very focused by Japanese customers. Impurities and foreign matter from the original material must be removed by an appropriate method. Lines, machines and tools used in production must be suitable and verified for best condition.

In addition, the materials used must ensure quality standards, freshness, … Businesses can also find out the purchasing needs of Japanese people through annual food fairs in Japan. Japanese customers also often find partners at ASEAN international fairs.

Receiving the trust and trust of partners and customers, regardless of the circumstances, Hikari EXIM always strives to realize the goals and mission of bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to consumers around the world. By all means, Hikari EXIM will export food not only to Japan but also to consumers all over the world.

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