Hikari EXIM agricultural export company

Hikari EXIM agricultural export company is one of the Vietnamese enterprises operating in the field of global import and export. With the guideline “to bring Vietnamese agricultural products to five continents”, Hikari EXIM wishes to become a bridge between farmers and the world. Over the course of commercial activities, including agricultural products, Hikari EXIM has launched high quality agricultural products for export.

Agricultural products for export by Hikari EXIM company

Hikari EXIM agricultural export company is trying to bridge the development of agricultural products between farmers and world trade. Hikari EXIM provides high quality agricultural products. Specifically, the products processed and exported are:

♥ Fresh fruits: red flesh dragon fruit, white flesh dragon fruit, durian, pineapple, passion fruit, butter booth, sugar orange, tangerine sugar, raspberry;…

♥ Dried fruit tea;

♥ Nuts: cashew, pepper, coffee, cocoa, macadamia;

♥ Cocoa powder and tea;

♥ Rice products such as rice paper, rice paper, noodles;…

Exports Teas of hikari agricultural export products company in Vietnam

Operating motto of Hikari EXIM Agricultural Export Company

Despite being a young enterprise, Hikari Vietnam Import and Export Co., Ltd has received trust from both farmers and international friends. That’s because Hikari EXIM’s business activities always put “consumer interests” first.

⇒ Diverse products, constantly meeting new demands of consumers.

⇒ High quality products, strictly controlled from input stage.

⇒ Nutrient content and value added in each product is high.

⇒ Ensure full certification of product quality and food hygiene and safety conditions.

⇒ In particular, agricultural products branded Hikari EXIM are packed very meticulously and eye-catching.

With a business philosophy that places more responsibility on society than its own interests, Hikari EXIM is doing a good job in improving the income of farmers. Bring results worthy of their efforts. At the same time, bring to the domestic community and abroad the delicious agricultural products – nutritious – beautiful.

Difficulties of agricultural export company in Covid-19 period

The Covid-19 outbreak suddenly erupted from the beginning of 2020, causing import and export activities to become difficult and congested. Vietnamese agricultural export companies are also suffering. How can Vietnamese agricultural products continue to be exported and sustainably in the international arena? This question is once again asking for answers and responsibilities not only from the Ministry of Industry and Trade but also the enterprises themselves.

EVFTA Vietnam-EU Free trade agreement

The Ministry of Industry and Trade actively supports agricultural product exporters

To promote agricultural exports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has been making efforts to support businesses. Specifically, agricultural export companies can benefit from free trade agreements signed. At the same time, administrative procedures, certification of origin (C/O) are also reformed and modernized to create favorable conditions for businesses. Fluctuations of the import-export market are also regularly updated from the Ministry of Industry and Trade so that enterprises can organize plans and plans for timely response.

What should exporters of agricultural products do?

In order to maintain and overcome the raging Covid-19 epidemic, agricultural export companies need to take the initiative in working.

Agriculture booms after the Covid-19 pandemic

1. Closely monitoring the situation of the border areas in order to proactively plan the production, packaging, delivery and export of goods through border gates. Avoid the occurrence of congestion and other adverse effects.

2. Proactively grasping the needs, market tastes and regulations on world quality standards of goods. At the same time, promptly record the recommendations of the competent state agencies.

3. Changing the thinking of approaching the international market, gradually shifting the modes of export transactions of non-quota agricultural products to the official quota.

4. Complying with regulations to ensure the improvement of product quality and standards of Vietnamese export goods. Specifically traceability, declaration of planting areas, packing facilities.

5. Taking advantage of market opportunities when Vietnam is a country with very good prevention and treatment of Covid-19 epidemic.

6. Building long-term business plans, strategies, and distribution suitable for each market.

7. Focusing on not only product quality but also product design, product packaging and brand development.

8. Improve the language and professional skills to meet the requirements of the international market.

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