Qualified medicinal herbs create credibility for Hikari EXIM

Hikari Viet Nam Import and Export Company Limited is one of the rare companies that boldly invests in a clean medicinal herbs farm of a scale of hectares. The medicinal area is located in two mountainous areas of Thai Binh and Ha Giang with an area of ​​nearly 2,000 hectares.

With the investment in planting medicinal herbs in place, Hikari EXIM understands that the cost of medicinal materials will increase dozens of times. However, in order to cary out the mision of bringing to consumers “not only good but also clean products”, Hikari EXIM has implemented a medicinal plant project in two mountainous areas of Ha Giang and Thai Binh. The project of growing clean medicinal herbs of Hikari EXIM has received great consensus from the authorities. This result is a milestone of honor.

Currently, the medicinal garden of Hikari EXIM Ha Giang has grown to a large scale with many valuable medicinal species. There are a total of 21 medicinal species selected by Hikari EXIM Ha Giang to grow. Including the rare indigenous medicinal herbs such as: jade jelly, tinsel, the most common genus, flower ginseng, blue lim mushroom, mushroom genus … Along with that are some medicinal materials. originating from China such as: emperor, burdock, knitting ginseng, sahara, eucalyptus, dahlia, cordyceps, king mushroom, white mushroom … have also been acclimatized to plant to serve the needs extract medicinal material of Hikari EXIM factory in Hung Yen and supply to market demand.

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