Vietnam bamboo straws fascinates the young people of new generation

Green bamboo

Green ever?

The story of the past… There was a green bamboo shore

Return to Vietnam on a clear blue sky. My village where I was born hasn’t changed. The whole childhood was the green bamboo groves racing against the wind to the end of horizon. Going to a small stalls, I accidentally broke a bamboo branch. Then, I cut off the two heads of it and used it instead of the plastic straw of the stalls. Since then, I have risen up the dream of using Vietnam village’s bamboo to make bamboo straw all around of the world…

Along with plastic bags, plastic straws are also agents that cause serious environmental pollution. Meanwhile, bamboo straws are natural, safe and eco-friendly products. Vietnam bamboo straws are becoming hot trend to instead of other straws in many environmental protection campaigns in recent years.

Eco-friendly paper box

The difference of Vietnam bamboo straws make a trend

It can be said that the trend of “green consumption” is gradually penetrating into the lives of the young generation. Young people in this segment are starting to approach the green consumption trend and environmentally friendly products.


In the 21st century, aesthetics are no longer just in fashion trends for clothes, shoes, bags or accessories. The fashion crept into the lives of the young generation right from the beatiful little straws. Those who have the habit of wandering coffee shops will easily notice that many shops have gradually switched to using e-co friendly straws. In addition to grass straws, paper straws, Vietnam bamboo straws are extremely interesting to young people.

Cloth bags or paper boxes containing bamboo straws are not only environmentally friendly but also very fashionable. Many young people who experience this type of straws also have the opportunity to post extremely cool photo. Not only that, bamboo straws also make cafes increase “luxury” very much.

Trendy canvas bag

E-co friendly

The familiar plastic straws from the past to the present are usually made from recycled plastic. Containing many micro-particles that can easily affect the health of users. More seriously, many plastic straws still have the potential to cause cancer. Moreover, plastic waste also affects human and plant habitat.

The introduction of bamboo straws can be said as a new revolution in the straw industry in particular and the environmental protection campaign in general. It is this unique but very Vietnamese straw that has changed the consumption habits of so many people around the world.

Raw materials for manufacturing bamboo straws are completely natural from Vietnamese bamboo, ensuring 100% environmentally friendly and safe for users’ health.

Vietnam bamboo straws


If properly maintained and sanitized, bamboo straws can be reused while remaining safe. The reuse also helps cafes and businesses optimize a lot of costs.

No chemicals

Bamboo straws are products manufactured entirely from nature, no chemicals. A marketed product requires a rigorous process with extremely important raw material selection.

Each bamboo branch is carefully selected with a natural diameter of about 6 – 12mm, age of 2-3 years, ensuring no depth. If the tree is too young, when the straw is exposed, it will shrink and look unsightly.

After selecting materials, each tube was cut into small pieces with a length of about 20cm. The balls, in the nozzle mouth, are cleaned with sandpaper, grinders and hair brushes. The pipe is then removed from the sap and residue by boiling, drying and drying at a temperature of 120 degrees Celsius. The completed straw is dry, clean and free of water in the body.

Drink tea with bamboo straws

Readily biodegradable

Every day on average, shops and cafes emit a huge number of plastic straws into the environment. This number will undoubtedly be alarming in the future if we do not use these alternatives promptly. Waste from plastic as well as plastic is difficult to decompose and cause heavy pollution. Animals also die from ingesting plastic straws or swallowing plastic bags, trapped in plastic waste.

The problem of plastic and plastic waste has become a soreness in the whole society. Bamboo straws are an urgent and extremely suitable alternative. Originated from bamboo, bamboo, … this type of straw is extremely friendly and easy to decompose. The ability to reuse also helps us limit the amount of waste significantly into the environment.

Export potential of bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are a potential market and will certainly be a trend that needs to spread more strongly next time. However, the price of this product is somewhat more expensive than conventional materials. Therefore, bamboo straws will be more picky, especially suitable for hotels, high-class restaurants, resorts, … in Vietnam.

Because of the uniqueness of Vietnamese bamboo straws, European countries are extremely interested in this product. For the civilized and developed countries in the West, Vietnamese rattan-friendly rattan products are very popular. This is a great opportunity for exporters to seize the opportunity.

Let’s join hands to protect the environment with bamboo straws!

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