About us

About us


Hikari Vietnam Import & Export Co., Ltd. (Hikari EXIM Co.,Ltd) was formed on the development platform of the Hikari Vietnam Corporation – Hikari Vietnam P&T Co.,Ltd. Established in 2010, Hikari activities in Auxiliary Industries. Hikari’s customers are not only in Vietnam but also in Japan, South Korea and many other countries in the world, … To continue and develop Hikari’s mission as promoting advantage supplying domestic to foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam, developing Vietnamese human resources and constantly creating a variety of products to satisfy the needs of both domestic and international markets, that’s the reasons to Hikari EXIM has born.

Hikari EXIM activates in the following fields


Exporting agricultural products and foodstuffs



Importing and distributing

Importing and distributing consumer goods, foodstuffs, cosmetics and functional foods


Trading promotion at domestic and foreign market



The operation and development of Hikari EXIM will contribute to become a foundation to promote Vietnam’s agriculture. Proper agriculture orientation and thinking will help Vietnamese agriculture turn to a new page. Help the value of labor and farmer’s products be valued and used more properly.

With the increasing demand for agricultural products and foodstuffs on the market, Hikari EXIM wishes to provide domestic and foreign consumers with clean and affordable agricultural products. At the same time, bringing the value of Vietnam’s agriculture to the international arena. In order to not only Vietnamese in the country but also the children living and working abroad, but also people around the world enjoy the unique taste of Vietnam.

Hikari EXIM commits to consumers to become a bridge to provide 100% clean agricultural products and foods, ensuring community health worldwide.



  1. Becoming a reputable and reliable partner with customers and suppliers.
  2. Becoming an influential company in the field of operation.
  3. Expanding cooperation and development.
  4. Proactive and positive search and exploit potential commodities.
  5. Developing the business ecosystem for Hikari Corporation.


  1. Bringing valuable Vietnamese products and services to regions around the world.
  2. Promoting the advantages of the supply of goods that good quality standards at the request of customers.
  3. Building credibility for Vietnamese brands.
  4. Developing service supply chain systems to many regions.
  5. Creating value for workers & the community.

Core Values


The persons who “pay the salary” for us.

Respect for the individual

Everyone is “equal” in opinion and behavior.

Team spirit

The success of the company is based on the union and mutual support.


Work hard – High responsibility – Put yourself in the position of others while working.

Learning and Creativity

Always learn and be creative in everywhere and doing anything to make the diference.

Society oriented mind

Caring about your own future develoment.

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